At Icon Adventures we are serious about Responsible Travel. We aim to respect the culture of the communities we visit and protect the unique environments in which they live. Above all, we want to ensure that your travel experience is unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Our responsibility to the environment

Environmental conservation is a central philosophy of our business.

At home and around the globe, our team receives ongoing training to ensure high levels of environmental care.

From educating local guides to packing-out rubbish, our aim is to minimise the environmental impact of your visit.

Our responsibility to the communities we visit

We recognise that we have an opportunity to make a positive economic impact on the communities we visit. We must also ensure that our visit does not have negative social effects.

We always choose locally owned operators/suppliers which employ local people and offer reasonable working conditions and payment to staff. We aim to trade fairly and bargain reasonably and always employ a full complement of guides and support staff.

We advise our clients about ways to minimise negative impacts on local cultures, including responsible bargaining and choosing sustainable souvenirs.

Icon Adventures supports a number of outstanding local community projects which promote environmental conservation, education and sustainable economic development.

Our responsibility to our clients

We are responsible for ensuring that our clients are well prepared for their adventure and safe while travelling.

Our comprehensive travel advice and training support is available to all clients and we are happy to answer all your questions.

Our trekking staff are trained in Remote First Aid and all our guides and hosts are professional and experienced.