West Papua Baliem Valley Festival

There are increasingly few places in the world where truly pre-modern cultures continue to exist in isolation from the modern world.

Yet, they exist almost on our doorstep in the highlands of West Papua; the Dani, Yali, Lani and other distinct tribes, each with their own language, traditions and customs.

Our West Papua trek concludes at the spectacular Baliem Valley Festival where scores of tribes gather to celebrate, trade and perform mock battles in a colourful display of tribal finery. This is not a performance for the tourists as there are scant few westerners there. In fact we are of just as much interest to the locals as they are to us!

We are always invited to participate in Sege throwing and archery competitions which we suspect demostrate our harmlessness on the field of battle. And for those who really want to fit in with the locals it’s possible to try on the traditional costume which consists of not much more than body paint, a penis gourd and a grin. Now THAT’S adventurous!

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