The E-word

"Hello, my name is Suzanne, I’m 50 years old and I hate exercise."

There. I’ve said it. That was easier than I thought; it was certainly easier than going to the gym and faking it.

Now I feel like I need to go through a 12-step recovery program. But if I do, I’m taking some of you with me, as I don’t think I’m alone on this one.

I am lucky though, because ‘technically’ I’m not overweight. I’ve Googled it, so it must be true.

The main reason I’m not overweight is that I am responsible for the grocery shopping in my home, which, if you ask my teenagers means, “there’s never anything to eat in this house”. No food = no over-eating. So for this reason, I remain not overweight.

What is the term for ‘not overweight’?

Fit? That doesn’t describe me, refer to my opening sentence. If you’re not overweight, people may assume you’re fit. Not necessarily so.

Healthy? According to Google, healthy means,

in a good physical or mental condition (well that’s debatable, I am a 50-year-old woman for goodness sake). And this is my favourite bit, not diseased.”

That’s also debatable as I lie here, Googling whether my puffy eyes are caused by my overzealous use of the Sinus Care kit. I’m wondering if I’ve pumped too much saline solution up my nasal cavity, causing fluid retention in the bags under my eyes, in an attempt to stop infected sinuses. Anyway, my point is, I’m not sure that I am ‘not diseased’ with my sinuses blocked the way they are at present!

​This is me.

So I remain not overweight, but still hating exercise.

​It’s not like I haven’t tried. I’ve run, which might be better described as shuffling. I’ve done gym classes, desperately trying NOT to look at the clock every two minutes. I’ve swum, but I hate the whole getting undressed/dressed/wet hair/dry skin saga, which goes with it.

So what is the answer? How can I exercise and enjoy myself at the same time?

It’s not like I don’t know how to enjoy myself. There are lots of things in life I enjoy. I like hanging out with my friends, I even like meeting new people. I enjoy a glass of wine and can’t resist a good cheese. I like chocolate and I enjoy travel. So how do I combine all these into my exercise routine?

Believe it or not, I have found the answer, I can do all these things and become fitter and healthier (not diseased) and remain not overweight… with Bushwalking!!!

I’ll explain more. Last month I went with eight ladies (and one man) to hike part of the Great Ocean Walk in Victoria. And for me, it ticked all the boxes.

crying Hanging with my friends. I went with a friend, she really wanted to do a horse riding safari in Botswana, but hey, tough luck for her!

smiley New friends. I met some really interesting people. With a small group, you get the chance to connect with others. The chats we had whilst walking were great. Conversations can be mentally stimulating or simply amusing.

surprise Travel. The location and scenery were nothing short of spectacular, from green rolling hills to rugged coastline views, secluded beaches to native forests. It had it all; environments to soothe the soul.

cheeky Chocolate. We were walking 50km over three days. It was challenging. We needed chocolate treats to keep us going when the going got tough. No regrets.

wink Wine & Cheese. At the end of a long day of walking there is nothing we deserved more than a glass or two of wine with accompanying cheese platter, eaten guilt-free over some hilariously intellectual conversation!

So that’s it, my woes are over; I can travel, wine and dine, socialise and exercise all at the same time. Perfect!

Want to know more? Want to join me on the Great Ocean Walk? Email me personally for more information, or click here for the dates and itinerary.


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