How to Take Great Photos While Trekking - Part I

Walking in nature is simply inspiring! There is something about being in a beautiful natural environment that calms the soul, a feeling which we wish would linger within us.

Most trekkers carry a camera to take some reminder snaps to mull over at a later time, but in most cases, it just doesn’t feel the same, so it gets lost in a computer file never to be seen again.

So how do you get at least a couple of photos that really capture those moments and takes you right back to that time and place? Why does it rarely ever happen?

We want to change this experience; it’s not about doing a photography workshop that covers all the angles of your DSLR camera. This is a trek, but it’s also one that has a purpose; to change how you see the world around you and how you might want to think when taking a photograph during your trekking adventure.

At ICON Adventures we want to explore a new trekking and learning experience. We want to add a new way of ‘seeing’ as part of our trekking.

We are delighted to announce our guide in this new venture is Jean-Francois Rochecouste, artist and photographer (it’s okay, you can call him John!). John will bring his experience in a unique style to help create some of the skills that artists and photographers use to express nature. He suggests, ‘A camera is simply a tool that you can use to create images that represent where you have been, however, it’s not just about your location, but an exploration on how you see and frame images of the world.’

Want to know more? – Join us for a weekend of trekking and photography, 6 - 8 October 2017 Girraween, Queensland

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