How to Take Great Photos While Trekking - Part II

Our photographer and guide, Jean-Francois Rochecouste, introduces us to some ideas on how to frame an image on the go.

If you have a professional DSLR great; if you don’t that’s fine too, I carry both. Each trek is different so adapting to the location and the light at the time is important. We want to do this on location where all the problems are going to occur.

Each trek is a lesson… and we want to have some fun with it too.

ONE – It’s important to frame a subject. This is about how to choose a subject and remove the distraction.

A photo tells a short emotional story, a moment in time; rather like Haiku poetry which is valued for its simplicity, openness, depth and lightness. Doing it well is your personal touch with nature.

Two – Your mind looks for edges and contrast and is drawn to it. Look for it in your composition.

We can use contrasting angled light to form edges; this is particularly powerful in a subject with form. This is highlighted better in black and white. Artists refer to it as having good tonal contrast. I want to demonstrate this in the field and how not to get confused with all the colours.

Three – The rule of thirds is a simple technique to frame a composition.

It’s not an absolute, but it will improve a lot of landscape shots. It operates in two dimensions; top to bottom and side to side. We will cover in more detail as to why it works.

Four – Other compositional rules in the field such as the ‘Golden triangle’ and the ‘Golden ratio’.

Both are tools that are useful to know, particularly when it comes to cropping back on the computer. But understanding their significance is useful when taking a shot in the field.

Five – Getting vivid colours and avoiding that washed out look.

Sure, you can do some of it on the computer, but it’s so much easier if you get a good start in the field and sometimes you cannot go back to do a retake.

Six – Simplify your pallet

Seven – Foreground addition . . . and so on

There really is so much to learn and nature is the best place to do it!

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