Outdoor photography can be very tricky and photos can end up looking a bit dull and repetitive at times, but come camping with us and you can make your photos really sing!

You will learn how to think more like a photographer and consider carefully about what to take photos of. Bring along any device, from a mobile phone to hi-tech digital SLR.

In this workshop we will do a short hike and look at some of the practicalities of taking photos along the way. In addition to this we’ll eat great wholesome food, tell tall stories around the campfire, be challenged creatively and be surrounded by stunning scenery.

We will be camping, but we don’t do it tough, this is comfy-camping where everything is done for you. No arguing, no tripping over tent pegs, no forgetting vital pieces, there’s not even uneven hard ground to lie on. This is comfy-camping just the way you’d like it . . . if you had the energy, equipment and time to do it all yourself. 

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