Noosa Hinterland Hike

Have you ever read a police report on a break and enter? Most reports end with the line, ‘unknown offended decamped in an unknown direction’. It pretty much means who-knows-who, went who-knows-where. Just for the weekend let’s decamp* Toowoomba and be unknown people going somewhere. Just in case you’re concerned, no criminal activities will be conducted on this weekend away (intentionally)!

This fully hosted expedition will gather a few strangers and deliver back a group of friends; connected, refreshed, rejuvenated and invigorated. In those three days you’ll experience some of the best walking trails in the Noosa Hinterland, you’ll eat great wholesome food, tell tall stories around the campfire, be challenged by hills like you’ve never seen before and be surrounded by stunning scenery *sigh*.

We will be camping, but we don’t do it tough, this is comfy-camping where everything is done for you. No arguing, no tripping over tent pegs, no forgetting vital pieces, there’s not even uneven hard ground to lie on. This is comfy-camping just the way you’d like it . . . if you had the energy, equipment and time to do it yourself.

On Saturday we’ll do a day walk on the Noosa Hinterland trails approx 16km. From green rolling hills, to ever changing forests, this walk has all the elements required to get you back to nature where tranquility abounds.

No visit to district would be complete without the challenge of reaching the summit of Mount Cooroora before brunch on Sunday. Then we’ll take the relaxing ride home, leaving someone else to take the tents down #tooeasy.

*decamp (verb) to leave a place suddenly or secretly. We won’t be doing anything suddenly, but we might do secretly!

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