Icon Adventures began trekking Kokoda in 2005 with a group of 12 adventurous trekkers. We've returned every year since, walking the trail with some of the same locals who assisted us on that very first trek.

For us, there are three reasons to trek Kokoda; for the personal challenge, to honour the Diggers and Fuzzy Wuzzies and to connect with your fellow trekkers. And we believe the best Kokoda experience is possible in a small group of well-prepared, well-supported trekkers. 

What we love most about Kokoda is the camaraderie of each trekking group. We like to think the spirit of Kokoda helps us to support each other in our personal challenges on the track and reminds us of the mateship which sustained our Kokoda heroes.

We always start the trek as a group and finish as a group. We all go through periods on the track when the challenge seems too tough. This is the time to take a break, have a laugh at ourselves and pull together. It’s not a race, we set a steady pace and everyone makes the distance.

We know that all our Kokoda trekkers return home with lasting memories and a connection to our Kokoda past and our wonderful PNG neighbours.

Happy trekking!

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The Best Time to Trek Kokoda

We prefer to trek Kokoda during the dry season (June, July and August) although any time from May to September is fine. Do be prepared for wet, muddy conditions all the same!

It has become popular to trek Kokoda for ANZAC Day resulting in heavy crowds on the track when it is very wet and humid. We believe you'll have a better experience if you avoid this time, a dawn service at Isurava is moving on any day of the year.

What To Expect

Expect to be challenged! You will hike between 9 to16 kilometres per day for 8 days. The terrain is rugged, steep and likely to be wet and muddy. There are numerous river crossings consisting of lashed logs. Physical fitness and mental toughness are equally important on the track.

Your group will be led by an experienced Kokoda leader who is attentive and supportive. Our trekking crew will set up camp each evening and prepare all meals. They will also support you when the going gets tough.

Expect success!  Prepare well and surprise yourself with what you can achieve!

Get fit, get equipped, get going!

We will assist you with all aspects of your preparation during the 6 months prior to departure.You will receive an information pack and monthly emails and phone calls to discuss your progress. And of course you can contact us any time if you have questions about any aspect of the trek.

The fitter you are the more you will enjoy this trek. Our fitness partners can help you with your training programme to give you the edge you will need.

If you have not exercised regularly for many years you will need up to a year to prepare, possibly longer. If you are already fit your training period need only be three to five months if you are prepared to work hard. Six months is ample time for most people.

Lending a Hand

We've had some rewarding experiences trekking Kokoda, but none more so than working with the Kokoda Track Foundation to establish the Efogi 2 School. Each year we recieve a warm welcome from the students when we visit the school!

Trek Leader - Marty

If you are looking for a military-style march through the jungle, led by a person with a whistle and bellowing voice then this really is not the tour for you.  If you're looking for a small supportive group (max 12) who are keen to meet the locals, make some new friends, take on a personal challenge, learn some history and pay respects to the fallen soldiers, then join Marty.  We know this will be one of the highlights of your life.


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