We’ll start in Tokyo, Japan’s capital, and head to the Ningyocho district where timeless traditions and cultural curiosities are still able to be observed on a guided walking tour. Our next stop will be Kyoto, where you can dress in a traditional Kimono, learn to cook classic Japanese dishes and view the ancient temples which are the cultural heart of the city.

The commotion of modern cities will be left far behind us as we travel further into the mountainous Kii- Peninsula in search of the ancient Kumano Kodo Nakahechi Trail. Kumano is a spiritual region of Japan, blessed with rich pilgrimage tradition, isolated springs and welcoming countryside hospitality.

Our walk is very flexible with shortcut options. Without the short-cuts we will walk 50km over four days, but with two guides with the group which ever option you choose you will not be alone. The walk can be strenuous at times, but you will have the luxury of only carrying a day-pack each day.

Want to see more? Stay a few days longer to visit Mount Koya and Nara; significant Buddhist sites. See add-on itinerary.

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