You’ve no doubt seen the photos of Holi Festival in India; crowds of people celebrating in the streets having lots of fun, completely covered from head to toe in coloured powder.

Why not gather a group of friends or family and head to India and live by the saying, ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!’

This trip will take you from New Delhi to Agra, to visit the iconic Taj Mahal at dawn, then onto Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan state, where the Holi festivities are held and finishing back in Delhi.

You and your travelling companions will be looked after all the way from your arrival at Delhi airport until you are returned there eight days later. The trip includes privately guided sightseeing in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, giving you the opportunity to see all the iconic Indian landmarks along the way. All guides and transfers are private, not a bus tour in site!



We stay in comfortable 3-star hotels throughout the tour. Rooms will be basic but clean and secure. 


Visitors require a visa to enter India.  We can assist you with your application.


We provide a full packing list to assist you with your trip preparation.


Expect warm to hot days and mild evenings. Days will generally be sunny but do be prepared for possible showers.

health & hygiene

Visit a travel doctor 6 to 8 weeks prior to departure for expert, up-to-date advice and vaccinations. 

Most health problems can be avoided by following basic hygiene procedures. Wash hands regularly with sanitising gel, drink only bottled water and eat only well-prepared food.

food & drink

You will enjoy a range of great regional Indian cuisines. Fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant but do be aware of eating from street markets.

tipping & haggling

Tipping is an accetable and expected way of showing appreciation for good service. Keep a supply of small denomination notes and pay around 10%.

Haggling is commonplace in marketplaces and giftshops. Be polite and good-natured if you choose to bargain and don't haggle unless you intend to purchase the item.


Re recommend you take US$400-500 in cash and convert this to local currency on arrival in India. Ask for small denomination notes.

Have extra cash available in a key card or credit card account.

travel insurance

Travel insurance is compulsory for all tour participants. We can arrange comprenhensive cover with no excess or paperwork for you at a discounted price.

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