The Omo Valley lies in the upper reaches of the Great Rift Valley of Southern Ethiopia. The valley is home to a great diversity of remote tribes who continue the traditions of the original hunter gathers of the region.

On this tour we meet these distinctive tribes and witness a way of life which has sustained these people for millennia.

Each tribe has developed a unique culture and language.  Meet the Dorze people with their 6 metre high ‘beehive’ houses and the Karo tribe with their elaborate body painting and scarification. The Mursi are renown for their fierce stick-fighting and women with clay-plates in their enlarged lips.

Travelling by comfortable air-conditioned 4WD we complete our experience with a visit to Awash National Park. Here we go on safari to see the endemic wildlife of the Bale Mountains. We are likely to see the East African Oryx, Soemmerring’s Gazelle, Dik-diks, warthogs, Hamadryas Baboons and many species of local birds.

Accommodation is in basic, comfortable three-star lodges and hotels. We conclude our tour in Addis Ababa with a traditional Ethiopian feast and dancing. 

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