• Going Home to Ethiopia

    This adventure is focussed on showing our adopted children, and their families, a snapshot of their cultural background. We will get the chance to eat authentic, locally grown and prepared meals. Meet local children, living a life that our children could have been living. They will feel the sense of community, family and friendship, not only within the travelling group but also at the towns and villages we visit.

  • 10-Day River Cruise - Burgundy to Paris

    There may be no more beautiful way to explore the countryside villages of timeless Burgundy than from a river barge coasting the Saône River. Drift from one stunning landscape to another, stopping to roam the region’s famous vineyards, ride bikes through its vast forests, and indulge in its unforgettable flavours. Then head to Paris for two nights of discovery for all of your senses. Experience the France of your dreams from the inside out.


  • 8-Day River Cruises - France

    Blessed with some of the most gorgeous countryside in Europe (not to mention perhaps the best wine around), Burgundy is a place everyone should explore at least once. And the best way to do it is from the deck of an ambling river barge. Visit small villages and first-rate wineries, bike through forests and vineyards on a provided bicycle, and soak up the glorious sunshine, all with the help of a charming little hotel that goes where you go. You won’t get a better glimpse of Burgundy’s pastoral pleasures than this.


  • Sri Lanka

    Want a holiday which is a mix of adventure, stunning scenery, wild animals, historical discovery and relaxation? And safe to take your kids with you without fear of boredom! Then read on . . .

    This 8-Day Adventure is designed for families with children aged 10years +.  Tips on travelling with 'tweens and teens.

  • Holi Festival - India

    You’ve no doubt seen the photos of Holi Festival in India; crowds of people celebrating in the having lots of fun, completely covered from head to toe in coloured powder.

    Why not gather a group of friends or family and head to India and live by the saying, ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!’

  • Tribal Odyssey

    The Omo Valley lies in the upper reaches of the Great Rift Valley of Southern Ethiopia. The valley is home to a great diversity of remote tribes who continue the traditions of the original hunter gathers of the region. 

    This tour is available for individual travel at any time. Alternatively, for a complete Ethiopian experience combine this tour with either our Ethiopian Discovery or Simien Mountain Trek.