• Sri Lanka

    Want a holiday which is a mix of adventure, stunning scenery, wild animals, historical discovery and relaxation? And safe to take your kids with you without fear of boredom! Then read on . . .

    This 8-Day Adventure is designed for families with children aged 10years +.  Tips on travelling with 'tweens and teens.

  • Holi Festival - India

    You’ve no doubt seen the photos of Holi Festival in India; crowds of people celebrating in the having lots of fun, completely covered from head to toe in coloured powder.

    Why not gather a group of friends or family and head to India and live by the saying, ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!’

  • Tribal Odyssey

    The Omo Valley lies in the upper reaches of the Great Rift Valley of Southern Ethiopia. The valley is home to a great diversity of remote tribes who continue the traditions of the original hunter gathers of the region. 

    This tour is available for individual travel at any time. Alternatively, for a complete Ethiopian experience combine this tour with either our Ethiopian Discovery or Simien Mountain Trek.